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What to Do With All of Us Home ~ Way to Go Mom 2020!

What to Do With All of Us Home

With this Corona pandemic causing us all grief, we wonder what do do with all of us home? Most schools are now closed and many people are working from home or not working at all. What are we to do with parents and children in a small space? It is easy to get irritable and fight and argue. This is a hard time to live in. I have been studying several sources to get tips that may help.

Get Some Exercise

The rules are to stay away from groups and don’t touch surfaces that have been touched be lots if people and not sanitized. But that does not mean we can’t take our kids outside. If you have a yard play in it. If not, head to an open field or area where there are few people near bye. Walk, hike, play ball, or do yard work. You may need to go with the kids to get them out. The sunshine and the fresh air will do a lot to prevent disease. We also need Vitamin D from the sun.

If the weather is bad and you can’t get out, there are many exercise programs on line to access.  A good one is Cosmic Kids that has different yoga programs for kids. Remember to wash your hands after indoor or outdoor exercise.

Set and Carry Out Some Goals

You are stuck at home but we must still get things done. If you have work to do at home, you need a time and place for it. Many kids have chrome books or on line school work. They need a time and place to do it. Besides these importance goals, we need exercise, housework, reading, recreation, and projects. I suggest a schedule that allows for these things plus a little personal time for meditation or just quiet time. Children thrive on routines. One of my favorite blogs has a great list of things to read, watch and make.

Maintain Mental and Emotional health.

One things we can do is get along.  Make a plan to calm down when tempers are high. Practice conflict resolution. Talk things out and learn to see each other’s point of view.

Distance physically but not socially.  Keep in touch with loved ones through the phone or video visits.  Consider serving those who are stuck at home by running errands for them and getting supplies for them.  Socializing and service and helped boost emotional health.

Limit screen time.  Help children do school work, read, exercise and play separate from video screens.  Too much screen time can lead to moodiness, aggression,and feelings of sadness.

Bond over family recreation.  Learn to play board games, outdoor games, exercise, and even active video games together.  Again, socialization is is important for our health.

Keep healthy physically.  Besides exercise, we all need regular patterns of good sleep and good nutrition.  All health is inter-related.

Remember that we are not perfect.  Families will experience challenges and make mistakes. Never the less, we can do a great deal to purposefully thrive during our corona virus lock-down period.  Let us help each other get through this hard time.


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