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Back to School ~ Way to Go Mom 2020! %

Back to School

Children getting on a school bus.
It is fun to go back to school.

It is hard to believe that it is time to go back to school already. I remember the bittersweet feelings. Kids get to go back to friends and learning. It will be hard to get back on a schedule but it will be better for everyone to sleep and eat regularly. And there is so much to do to get ready.
Through many years of experience and some research, I have come up with some helpful tips for getting back to school.  We will start with few no- brainers.  

It’s Time to Reset

  1. Reset sleep habits a few days early.
  2. Reset eating habits to include regular meals with fruit and vegetables.
  3. Reset children’s brains 7-10 days before school starts by reading and reviewing math facts.

Next are Things to Do Before or at the Beginning of School.

  • First, have your child get a check up, especially if he/she will be doing sports. Include an eye exam. Check immunizations.
  • Look for good deals on school supplies. Check the parent portal or other school communication to make sure you are getting required school supplies. Some schools get them and charge a fee. However, secondary schools often have you get different items for different classes so you may have to wait except for binder, pencils,line paper, and pens.
  • Visit the school with your child. If he/she is walking to learn the route. Introduce yourself to your child’s teacher if in elementary school. Learn policies on things like pick-ups, early arrivals, being tardy, homework, busing and schedules, etc.
  • Set aside a quiet clear place for your child to do homework. Provide, pencils, paper, light, and a computer if possible.

Next,When School Starts

  • Make homework a priority and a habit. Have a consistent time for homework a and make sure it is completed. Offer help as needed.
  • Read with your child 20 minutes daily or set time for him/her to read.
  • Take charge of the TV and other media. In other words, allow no TV, cell phones or social media during homework time and set limits on time for media daily. Keep track of where your child goes on the web.
  • Help maintain organization with routines, activities, and family time. Get all to bed on time.
  • Make an appointment with the teacher if your child is having trouble with a subject. Visit your child’s school often and volunteer to help regularly if possible. Showing your presence as a parent improves teacher’s attentiveness to your child.

Starting school again is a time for kids to re-unite with friends and get back to scholastic education. In addition, it can be fun when you help your child prepare.


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