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Sleepless Nights Caused by Baby ~ Way to Go Mom 2020!

Sleepless Nights Caused by Baby

I recently returned from a visit with my son, his wife, and their new son. Baby is adorable and doing well but parents are suffering from sleepless nights. This kind of stress can cause a change of personality. It can lead to blaming, fighting, and shirking responsibility. Beware! Let’s not break up a happy home over a temporary situation. It is not good for the baby or anyone.

Here are a few helpful ideas that might relieve stress:

1. If you are lacking sleep at night, sleep while you can. Sleep while the baby is sleeping during the day or evening. It may mean going to bed early at night as soon as baby is out for awhile.

2. Prioritize tasks. Much may be left undone until there is help. You and spouse need to eat so plan some prep time. Keep your house minimally clean.

3. The person who has to stay up and work all day has to have have the lion’s share of the sleep. If this is a problem for nursing mothers, consider using formula that is easy to prepare at night. If both parents are working, formula become almost a necessity.

4. This is only temporary and more regular sleep will be coming soon by 3-4 months.

I nursed all my children but I was very lucky. My husband made enough money to support us all. Bob was allowed to sleep most nights but he did help with some cleaning, laundry, and food preparation. Often I napped in the afternoon, but if I didn’t, I went to bed when the kids did. It is easy to fall asleep while nursing baby in a rocking chair at night. By the time baby is three months old, it was easier to get enough sleep.

Babies have to eat every two to hours for awhile. As they get older they can eat less frequency and sleep longer. The age of sleeping through the night varies. Feed and change baby without socializing with dim lights to help them learn to sleep at night.

However, even when children are preschool age or older, there can be sleep disturbances causes by dreams, illness, bed wetting, or even sleep walking. There may still be some nights with little sleep. Here are a few tips from others and we will talk more of this later.

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